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Yurpl allows you to find out what is on the mind of your customers and website visitors faster than you though possible


Simple Easy To Use Interface So You Can Easily Get The Results You Are Looking For.


Start With Our Entry Level and Grow as your business grows, Upgrade at any time.


We Integrate With Your Email Service To Help You Build Your Customer List.


Search Your Data To See Trends In Responses To Your Campaigns.

Yurpl Product Features

Simple Interface

Our member area is simple, clean, and easy to use. The design is set up to save you as many clicks as possible.

Quick Creation

You can quickly select, setup and submit your campaign so you can start getting the results your are looking for.

Result Tools

We have data analysis tools in place that help you discover what is actually being submitted in a unique way.

Multiple Campaign Types

From open ended, to multiple choice with redirects we have many campaign types for you to utilize.

Data Export

You can easily export your data as a CSV document to use external or simple for safe keeping.

Documentation & Support

We are continually adding help documents, videos and case studies to help you get the results you want.

What Is Yurpl?

Yurpl which stands for "your polls and surveys" is an online system that allows you to ask simple questions to gather information.

This information is then made searchable via tools in the back end. These tools allow you to determine what the most asked questions are. You can also see the most popular phrases and keywords.

Being able to know this data not only helps you find out what is in the mind of your prospects and customers but also find out the words and phrases they use in their businesses. Imagine asking a simple question and discovering a vault of knowledge. This knowledge can be used to better educate your customers, write better sales copy, create information products, discover search engine keywords, and more.

Simple Open Ended Questions

While you can create complex surveys with Yurpl we feel the best questions are open ended questions. These types of questions are ones that require a response other than yes or no.

For example if you were to ask “what’s the single biggest question you have about creating a survey?” Their reply would have to be a question. This gives you the type of data and response you need as we talked about earlier.

Campaign Types

There are various campaign types you can use to utilize Yurpl. A campaign is simply defined as "an organized course of action to achieve a goal". The following are different preset Campaigns you can choose from. While it only appears to be a few different types we have variations to make the possibilities nearly endless. Actually we see from our customers new ways to utilize these campaigns. We will provide case study's of how each of these work.

Quick Start Campaign

This campaign type has a 4 step wizard to guide you through the basic campaign setup. A Basic campagin type allows you to ask a simple ended question like the example above.

Basic Campaign

A basic campaign is the most common allowing you to ask one question at a time. This can be hosted on your site. Or use one of the templates in the members area and linked to directly.

Multiple choice

Is exactly what it says you can ask a questions and have multiple answers for the visitor to choose from as well as a write in option if you choose to have that added.

All That Apply

In this campaign type you provide a question and the end user selects any or all answer that best fits their reply. Or write in their own if you've added that option.


  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 5,000 Responses
  • Unbranded Thanks Pages
  • Access To All Features
$7.00 21-Days


  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 2,500 Responses
  • Unbranded Thanks Pages
  • Access To All Features
$19.95 per month


  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 5,000 Responses
  • Unbranded Thanks Pages
  • Access To All Features
$29.95 per month


  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • 10,000 Responses
  • Unbranded Thanks Pages
  • Access To All Features
$39.95 per month